Tax Appeal Appraisals

Reducing your taxes to their proper value can help market your home.

To Appeal or not to Appeal, that is the dilemma.
How do you know when you have a case that needs to be heard.
 The Answer is Simple: Get an Appraisal.

A real estate appraisal will give you all the ammunition you need to prove your assessments are too high. Most Tax Appeals settle between You & the Assessor.

From: Bolle Global Inc

"Step One" is to get an appraisal of your home or business which begins with an inspection of the property to see if your assessments are in excess of the 15% margin of error that Assessors are allowed to be. Then, if they are, you would file your paperwork with the county and send the Board Members & the Assessor a copy of your evidence (Your Appraisal). At this point your Assessor has the option of contacting you or if you have Attorneys, their Attorney will call your Attorney to "negotiate" an assessed value you both can live with. If no agreement is reached, a date is set to present all your information to the "Board" who will then make a decision. If all else fails, your Attorney has one additional alternative which is to file your case in court in Trenton.

Our Appraiser's have over 31 years Appraising/Consulting in New Jersey, 25 years involved with "Tax Appeals", the majority of these residential cases settle between you and the assessor before it even gets to the County Board. If your "proof" shows the Assessor that the Town is incorrect in their assessments of your property, they are not interested in going to court, wasting the Towns money, Attorneys time and their own time so they simply settle.

To set up a time for your homes "Appraisal Inspection" and get the process going, call (973) 551-7249 or email us at:

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